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Single Family Rental Homes

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Buying a home is the biggest — and most expensive — decision most people will ever make.
The process — from deciding which neighborhood you like to filling out a loan application — is lengthy and complicated. It can be especially daunting for first-time homebuyers in today’s overheated market. Demand outstrips supply, prices are high, and mortgage rates are rising.
Especially those who are on L1 or H1 visa’s are always not sure on how long they will stay in the country. Some of them are too scared to get into this big commitment. Some say that Buying a house is like never ending expense. Whereas some say it’s the best decision they have taken in their life. Well for all those people who are still thinking should I or should I not, You really need to speak to a Good Realtor who can advise you, if it is a right decision. Well its not always necessary that you have to buy a house to feel the home. You could rather move into a Single Family rental homes & see it for yourself.
We lived in an apartment for 2 years before we moved into a rental home. I always wanted to live in a big house that had a big backyard. Fortunately, we were able to find that home & we have been loving living in the rental property for over 2 years. We wanted to really know the expenses living in the single family home before we bought our dream home. Well the only extra expense you will have is Lawn moving charges that are around $450 per year. You will easily get a minimum 1800 sqft homes starting at $1400- $2500 per month. All depends on the kind of home & neighborhood you choose. In most of the communities in North Austin with 10 rated schools, the average rent for single family homes are $1700.
Living in a Single Family home rental property will definitely give prospective buyers a better dimension in taking that big step. Afterall home buying is the greatest investments a person can ever make in their life’s.
For a first-time home buyer, the experience can be equally thrilling, exhausting and scary. After all, you’re making what could be the biggest purchase of your life and you don’t want to regret it. That’s where a little preparation can make a big difference.
I have assisted many families in buying & renting the right kind of homes in Austin. Pleas do call me to discuss your needs. Lets make this beautiful journey of finding a dream home a memorable one!
Sheela Sharon
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